Solar Pump Inverter 5.5KW AC Input output 380v 3 phase PV 800v

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This solar pump inverter 5.5KW from one inverter adopts MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and excellent motor drive technology to maximize the power output from solar panels. Solar Power Input up to 800V DC. This solar water pump inverters is compatible with both AC and DC input, and the AC output can be used for various kinds of normal AC pumps. When the solar power is not available, or the sunshine is not strong enough to drive the pump, the inverter can automatically switch to single-phase AC mains power, or other sources such as generator, grid power.



Suitable for all kinds of pumps, including single phase 220V pump.
Support AC input, could switch to grid power supply to make system work 24 hours.


Built-in MPPT technology with up to 99% efficiency.
With water level detection function, automatically regulate the pump flow to prevent dry running, full water level, etc.


One Inverter has over 15 years proven experience of leading solar motor and pump drive technology.
The item features Built-in soft start, overvoltage, overload, undervoltage and weak sunshine protection function.

High Cost-effectiveness

Plug-and-play system design, no need to set any parameter, easy to install.
No need battery, suitable for all kinds of applications.

Remote Monitoring

The item incorporates a Standard RS-485 interface for remote monitoring of systems and viewing of parameters at any time on an internet connected computer or smartphone.
This One inverter 5.5KW solar pump inverter is equipped with overall protection function (self-checking functions for dry running, weak sunshine, full water level, etc.), motor soft start and speed control functions, with perfect function, easy operation and installation.
One inverter 5.5KW inverters can also support remote monitoring and control function, which can monitor all operation data and fault information of the inverters.

solar pump inverter 5.5KW Features:

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